Pedal Against Poverty to raise funds and awareness for people caught in the effects of poverty.  


These routes are representative of our work. While each route is different, poverty is at the root of the issues we’re working to address. All funds raised will go to where the need is greatest.


Choose a route, create your own challenge and join us in the pedal to end poverty.  

How It Works

Choose a Route

We’ve selected these projects to highlight the difficulties facing people in the areas in which we work.  Although our project approaches may be different in each country, poverty is at the root of all the issues we’re working to address.  

This cycling event enables you to choose a route that resonates with you – and where the distance is achievable.  Then, we ask that you cycle the distance of your chosen route.   Does the distance seem daunting?  Consider forming a team with a few friends and combine your kilometres.  Or break down the distance over several weeks and do a little at a time. 

See the Routes & Distances.

Create Your Own Challenge

We’ve designed this event so you can cover the distance in your own town and in your own time.  Big events are fun but they can be expensive and they limit the number of people who can be involved.  By creating your own challenge, you decide how to cover the distance of your chosen project.  Maybe you’ll cycle a little every day.  Maybe you’ll organise a group cycle with some friends – or join one of our Tearfund Ireland group cycles!   Cycle on your own or form a team and combine your kilometres.  

Begin Fundraising

Once you have chosen your route and created your challenge, you’re ready to begin fundraising.  Set your fundraising target and start inviting support from your family, friends, co-workers, neighbours and online communities.  Set up your account on or download a sponsorship form here.