Tearfund Ireland is thankful to all who participated and attended this conference addressing many aspects of care reform.

We are all united in wanting the very best for children, but we can only achieve this by learning from one another, listening to those with lived experience, and working together. See below for some of the topics that were addressed during the conference.

This conference took place on Zoom and was fully accessible, with live captioning and International Sign Language interpretation. It brought together expert practitioners, care leavers – individuals who have grown up in orphanages in the Global South and are now calling for reform, disability experts and advocacy experts in the Global South.

*Care Reform is the process of transitioning from orphanage/institutional care for children towards family and community-based care.


Conference Video Clips :

Topics Covered:

  • Why Children Belong in Families – is institutional care always harmful for children?

  • What about working with a faith-based perspective or in the challenging contexts of poverty and humanitarian crisis or when children are living with disabilities?

  • Why are young people from the Global south who grew up in orphanages calling for reform?

  • Why are there Global Commitments to end Institutionalisation and orphanage care?

  • What role can governments play in promoting change?

Speaker Lineup: