These projects are representative of our work.  While each project is different, poverty is at the root of the issues we’re working to address.  


Self Help Groups enable people to lift themselves out of poverty. This community-led approach builds relationships, brings hope and facilitates whole-life transformation. This project is supported by Irish Aid.


Tearfund Ireland works with parents, families and community leaders in Cambodia to keep children from living in orphanages: to protect them from trafficking and enable them to remain with their families.


Tearfund Ireland works with a local church based partner to help Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Food vouchers, hygiene kits, and education for children are some of the ways we have provided assistance.


More details on each programme are available in the project pages.  



Country:  Ethiopia 

Projects:  Self-Help Groups

Distance:  435km (one way)

Addis Ababa to Awassa – 280km

Awassa to Wolaita-Sodo – 155km

Additional Distance:  750km (return to Addis from Wolaita-Sodo to Addis Ababa – 315km


Country:  Cambodia  

Project:  Families First / Alternative Care (Reintegrating Children with their families)

Cities:  Poi Pet to Battambang – 115km 

Poi Pet to Siem Reap – 150km

Siem Reap to Tonle Bet – 270km

Tonle Bet to Phnom Penh – 175km

Phnom Penh to Battambang – 290km

Combined Distance:  1,000km (circular route)


Country:  Lebanon  

Project:  Syrian Refugees

Cities: Riyaq and Aanjar    

Distance:  Riyaq to Aanjar – 40km

Additional Options: Beirut to Riyaq – 65km

Combined Distance:  145km including Beirut