Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a set date or a specific cycling trip for this fundraising event?

This is not a traditional event in which everyone gathers for a specific event on a set date.  In this fundraiser you choose the distance you want to cycle and then commit to cover that distance as you’re able over the months of July and August.  Why not gather a few friends and explore one of Ireland’s gorgeous greenways?  Or check out the calendar of leisure events on the Cycling Ireland website 

Where can I find information on the different projects and people for whom we’re raising funds?

Excellent question!  In our projects page  you’ll find more information about the details of the project in each country as well as a few stories of people who have been impacted through this programme.  All the people mentioned in the stories have given their permission for their photo and/or comments to be used. 

For more information about us and why we do what we do, view this short video on our website.

It sounds like a fun challenge but the distances are long. Are there shorter options?

Yes, the distances for two of the projects are long, but one of the routes is only 40km.  If you break down the distance over several weeks and do a little at a time you may be surprised at how easy it is to cycle the distance.  But don’t let our suggestions stop you, be creative and design your own challenge!

I’m an experienced cyclist and I’m looking for a more challenging event. Are there longer options?

We’ve listed the ‘one-way’ distance from our Partners’ head office to the villages in which they meet with the people involved.  Why not consider doubling the distance to cover the ‘return’ trip?  Another idea is to incorporate the elevations into your cycle.  For instance, Addis Ababa is at an elevation of 2,355 meters and Wolaita-Sodo is 1,600 meters.  How high are the hills near where you live?

Do I have to cycle a bike or can I run, walk or swim?

This is your challenge so design it to work for you.  Cover the distance on your bike, on a scooter, run, walk, swim, skateboard, stationary bike.  Our friends in Tearfund New Zealand have run a similar event – see some examples of creative challenges people have created.  

Is there a basic amount we need to raise to cover costs?

This is a very good question.  The registration fee is there to cover the administrative costs already incurred so all the funds you raise can be directed to the work of Tearfund Ireland.  The registration fee for an individual is €40 and €60 for a family.  If you are interested in purchasing a Pedal Against Poverty cycling jersey or T-Shirt, please let us know when you sign-up.

Should I set a fundraising target?

We need to raise as much as we can for each project but a target is completely up to you.  We suggest you set a fundraising target you feel is realistic but a stretch.  Most people are very generous and you may be surprised at how willing people will be to support you and this worthy cause.  

You can set up an account on our idonate page to help in your fundraising.

Are there fundraising resources to help me explain to people what I’m doing?

Yes.  In our fundraising section you’ll find fundraising sheets that you can download and print.  Use these if you want a hard copy to bring with you as talk to people.  

You can also create a personalised fundraising page on our iDonate website.  You’ll need to log in, create your account and then send the url to people by text or by email.  

We’ve also prepared a template you can modify for your use to send to people asking them for support.  

I’d like to do a longer distance but I’m not sure I can do as long as the routes. Can I modify the distances?

Yes.  The distances aren’t cast in stone.  We’re merely trying to highlight the programmes we run, the partners we work with and the people we’re serving.  The distances selected are representative of all three.  But if you want to raise money and awareness for the children and families in Cambodia but you don’t want to cycle 1,000 km; that’s no problem to choose a smaller distance.  We’ve broken down the longer distances into smaller sections for this very reason.

Can I choose from other sports/activities to cover the distance?

Of course! This is your challenge so design it to work for you.  Cover the distance any way you like.  We’ve already had someone from a canoe club express interest in canoeing the distance!!  So pick your activity and make it fun.  Our friends in Tearfund New Zealand have run a similar event – see some examples of creative challenges people have created. 

A few friends and I would like to do a longer distance as a team. Can we do this?

Absolutely!  You can cycle together as a group or each of you cycle your distance as you’re able.  Either way you can combine your distances toward achieving your goal.

I sometimes cycle to work; can I use this distance as part of my challenge?

We think this a great way to achieve your distance. By incorporating your commuting distance into your challenge, you may even be able to increase your target distance. Even better, cycling to work as part of the challenge may help you form a new habit to continue cycling to work.

Are there any Tearfund cycling events happening near me?

Tearfund Ireland will organise a few cycling events in different parts of the country during July and August so keep an eye out for one in your area.  If you, your group or your church would like to host an event let us know and we’ll do what we can to help you promote your event.  

Where does the money go?

The money raised through the Pedal Against Poverty will support the work of Tearfund Ireland.  The three projects selected are representative of our approaches to all the countries in which we work.  We are privileged to be involved in the way God is changing the lives of people – and we’re delighted that you will be a part of that change.  

For more information, see our governance structure.

Will I get an update on what my donation has achieved?

Good things take time.  The work of Tearfund Ireland undertakes long-term projects designed to empower and equip people in some of the most marginalised communities in the world.  We may not be able to provide an update on your specific donation, but every contribution helps to ensure the success of these projects.  We are committed to demonstrating the impact of our work and we do this via updates in our publications, website and ezines.  At the end of the Pedal Against Poverty challenge, you will receive an update on the total amount raised and stories of increased awareness.  Every euro you raise will make a substantial difference – so thank you in advance!

Is there an app that will help me track my distances?

There are several apps that will do this.  We’re fans of Runkeeper and Strava.  Both are user-friendly and very effective at tracking cycling as well as running or walking.  Also, both can either be used privately or can be shared with your ‘followers’.  Tracking your work-outs will not only help you stay on top of your distances but will also make it easy to share your activities on your own social media platforms or directly with your supporters. 

Can Tearfund Ireland offer me any fitness training advice?

Any sort of physical challenge can be difficult so you’ll need to know your own capabilities and limitations.  We want everyone to enjoy themselves and for most, a little bit of a physical challenge will be very achievable with proper planning, preparation and training.