Pray With Us

Never has the church needed to gather together more urgently than today to pray - to call on God to come, to bring justice, to bring comfort and healing, and for us to actually not just offer up the prayer, but to become the prayer.

Tim Hughes, musician

Prayer is at the heart of everything that Tearfund Ireland does. Our vision is to see flourishing communities in partnership with local churches free from poverty and injustice. We believe that we are part of a bigger story-God’s story. A story of redemption and reconciliation, of renewed relationships and flourishing. Of hope.


  • Commit to praying individually or get involved with one of our prayer groups. Sign up to our emails or Facebook to keep informed.
  • Get your friends and your church involved – see if you can get them to pray for global issues as part of their regular meetings. There are lots of ideas and resources here to help you.
  • If your church already has a local prayer group then just sign up to our emails or Facebook to keep informed.
  • Get involved with a Tearfund prayer group in a region near you. In Dublin a group meets once a month to pray. Contact us for details.
  • Set up a Tearfund prayer group in your area. Get in touch with us and we can provide you with all the resources you need.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any queries or complaints about any aspect of our work.