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The Photos

Below are photos and stories of people Tearfund have been working with around the world.

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Beatrice, caring for an orphan

Beatrice is a resilient and caring woman. Her family has experienced the horror of armed conflict twice in recent months. She is
expecting a baby, but she also looks after a two-year-old orphan whose father died in the conflict in Congo

Photographer: Richard Hanson, Tearfund

Nyiravogo’s house

Nyiravogo’s house was destroyed in the confict. She and her family live in this dilapidated building. Tearfund’s partner was able to provide bricks and other materials to rebuild her house.

Photographer: Richard Hanson, Tearfund

Miujuza, sow in tears and reap in joy

Miujuza has lived with his family of eight in a camp outside of Goma for a full year. The camp is built on volcanic rock. There is no soil. Even if people could work the land the crops would not grow. Tearfund’s partner is helping him return home by providing materials to contruct a new house and tools and seed to plant crops.

Photographer: Richard Hanson, Tearfund

Medical response, King’s Hospital Haiti

Dr. Hubert Morquette, operates on a survivor of the Haiti earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have had limbs amputated and face a difficult future.

Food relief distributed, Haiti

Through our partnership with USAID we were able to deliver hundreds of tonnes of food relief to earthquake affected families.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

Survivors of Haiti earthquake

Gisella’s foot was amputated after being crushed during the Haiti earthquake. It’s a struggle for her & her daughter to survive.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

After the earthquake, a new life

Carline’s baby was born in a temporary shelter shortly after the Haiti earthquake. Not an easy place to bring up a baby.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

The rains are coming

Rainy season has just begun in Haiti. Daphne & her family are living in a temporary camp on a floodplain. We’re making sure drainage is in place. Will still be quite a while before her house is rebuilt.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

Clean water is vital

Clean water is vital to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We have installed water supplies in 6 camps so far.

Photographer: Richard Hanson