Tearfund Ireland supports Syrian and Lebanese churches to provide food and non-food items to families in need. These families are selected by our local church partners who have an intrinsic knowledge of their communities and can best identify those in greatest need.

More recently Tearfund Ireland has focused specifically on children and education in emergencies and so we are helping Syrian children attend informal education centres or ‘tent schools’ in their host country  – Lebanon.

This is Halla’s story:

All of Syria is beautiful. I miss it. There we had electricity, water and schools. I miss my friends. We used to play jumping ropes and sit around and talk. Mostly I miss my grandparents’ house. We used to go there, sit around and chill. They’d give me sugar and tea. The war in Syria means everyone is separated from each other. I want to be an English teacher and right now I go to school at the local church. This might be the last year I am in school though as this is the oldest age they accept people. 


In Lebanon we are working with Syrian refugees through local partner Middle East Revive and Thrive (MERATH) led Pastor Marcel.  –


  • Supported over 5,550 families in Syria to receive monthly food vouchers
  • Tent schools for over 1,000 Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon as well as safe spaces to play and receive trauma support
  • Training and education workshops for Child Protection Champions
  • In Lebanon over 1,900 refugees were supported to receive monthly food vouchers