In Ireland

Tearfund Ireland’s Public Engagement strategy is rooted in our theory of change which is underpinned by the understanding that poverty is rooted in harmful relationships at various levels and related to the misuse of power. Tearfund Ireland’s strategy is to engage its faith based public away from a ‘charity’ mind-set that reinforces a negative understanding and relationship with the South, to one that is motivated by justice and the need for mutual investment in our common future and one world. Tearfund Ireland’s Public Engagement strategy communicates the complexities of social justice and development within the Christian faith frame and works through Christian/church life, beliefs, routines and liturgical calendars that provide opportunities to raise awareness and increase knowledge and understanding.

Practically Tearfund Ireland has strong relationships with many churches in the Republic of Ireland and is a vehicle by which churches and Christians actively engage in responding to extreme poverty and injustice overseas. Through our public engagement strategy and as a leading voice with the church on ‘social justice’ Tearfund Ireland challenges and informs Irish Christians on global mission and ‘whole of life’ Christianity as the outward expression of personal faith.

Through our Development Education programme (funded by Irish Aid) we partnered with the Church of Ireland Youth department and trained youth leaders to integrate global justice themes into their ongoing youth work. Also as part of our Church and Supporters programme we facilitated a visit by a group from Stranolar in Co Donegal to see our Self Help Group work in Ethiopia.

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