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    Queries about donating to Tearfund? Please contact our office:

    • Or call (01) 878 3200
  • Cheques

    Donating by cheque? Please make payable to Tearfund and send to:

    • Tearfund,
      Ulysses House,
      22-24 Foley Street,
      Dublin 1

Tax Efficient Giving

Make Your Donation Go Further

Tax Relief Form (PAYE)

Click here to download a Tax Relief for Donations to Eligible Charities form

Your donation can make a huge difference, more than once. By simply signing and dating a tax relief form you could help Tearfund claim tens of thousands of euro back from the Revenue Commissioners.

You may have already donated to Tearfund and now with a quick flick of your pen, another donation courtesy of the taxman, will be heading to Tearfund at no extra cost to you.

Give more without spending a cent

Donations made after 01 January 2013: Whether you are Self-Assessed or if you are a PAYE taxpayer and have donated €250 or more in the previous year, then Tearfund can claim tax back from the Revenue Commissioners. Every year we send out CHY3 (5 year enduring), or CHY4 (single year), tax reclaim forms to be signed by Tearfund supporters. You can contact the office to request either of these.

Regarding donations made prior to 01 January 2013, Tearfund can only reclaim the tax on donations of €250 or more paid by PAYE workers, (but not for Non-PAYE or Self Assessed). In order to reclaim this tax a valid CHY2 cert must be completed and returned to Tearfund. For Self Assessed individuals, you may be able to reclaim the tax from Revenue for yourself. Contact us if you require an additional receipt. You could then use your tax reclaim to further transform lives.

Returning makes a massive difference

Tearfund could claim up to a massive €50,000 from the Revenue Commissioners, if everybody who received these forms in the post, returned them to us.

If the tax relief is not claimed by Tearfund, the money stays with the taxman.