Ways to Give

Tax Efficient Giving

If your donation is €250 or greater in a calendar year, Tearfund Ireland can claim back the tax you have paid on it, for example a donation of €250 becomes €362.32 when we claim back the tax you have paid on it. That is an increase of €112.32! We can make every cent of your donation count where the need is greatest by availing of this tax relief as a registered Irish charity.

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Once-Off Gift

You can give a gift to a specific area of our work or give wherever the need is greatest. Through general donations we are able to respond quickly wherever the need arises, and provide long-term solutions to the underlying causes of poverty and disasters.

Monthly Gift

Your regular monthly gift enables us to plan effectively and faithfully support our local partner organisations. You can give to a specific area of need or if you’d prefer, you can let us decide where your money should go and we will prioritise areas of greatest need.

Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a legacy to Tearfund Ireland, will enable life to go on even after you’re no longer here. Your will can be a last act of love to those you leave behind. In it, you can provide practically for those most significant in your life and ensure they hear your last words and wishes. Please contact us if you would like more information on leaving a gift to Tearfund Ireland in your will.

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Give as a church

Last year Irish churches and their representative bodies provided X% of Tearfund Ireland’s income. To find out how your church can become more connected to our work visit our church section

Your Church

Living Gifts

Living Gifts is an alternative ‘gifting’ idea that allows you to give gifts to your friends and family that will make a lasting impression on those in greatest need. Visit our Living Gifts store here.

Living Gifts


Whether you’re a hairdresser, plumber, photographer, architect, etc,

you can donate your skills to Tearfund Ireland.


How does it work?

You choose one project or service during the week and donate the money earned to Tearfund Ireland.

You can tell your client their money will go to help make life changing transformation to the most vulnerable and marginalised. Then get in touch at [email protected] to find out how to donate.



Memory Wall

Our loves ones are dear to us and we want to give

our supporters the opportunity to honour them

with our memory wall. If you give in memory of

a loved one, you can leave a message honouring

their life on our memory wall.


Where Your Money Goes

Tearfund Ireland is committed to maintaining the highest standard of professionalism throughout our work. Our finances are used effectively to keep organisation costs low and to ensure that help reaches those in greatest need.