Reset Faith

About Reset Faith

In this last year, we’ve been reminded how fragile life is, how deeply connected we are and how much we depend on each other. We’ve seen the brokenness in our world that, in ‘normal times’, often remains hidden. We long for new beginnings: for our weary souls to be refreshed with the hope of better days to come. Jesus proclaimed that, through him, today was God’s new day (Luke 4:21). Today, and every other today that has come since. Through Jesus, all things are made new; what is broken is being restored.


Our friends in Tearfund Australia have developed a seven part devotional series to help us draw deep from God’s promise of restoration as we reset towards a better normal – new beginnings not only for ourselves but for our world. The series which starts on Wednesday February 17th covers each of the seven weeks of Lent and explores seven ideas that are essential to our faith and how they could change the shape of what comes next. Interested? Sign up here to receive your weekly devotional which aims to help you make space to listen deeply and respond to God’s invitation to live a better normal in the midst of our ordinary, everyday lives.



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