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Bring change that lasts

Bring change that lasts – 18 Jan 2016

Lucy is old and suffers from malaria. She has five orphaned grandchildren to feed.

Lucy often feels weak, sometimes desperate. But, thanks to her local church in Ogongora, Uganda, she’s starting to feel something new – hope. Lucy’s church family have helped her grow her own food and set up a small business selling fish. They’re helping many others too – who are starting to support one another.

All this began when Tearfund partners showed the local church its potential to change the community and gave it some training.

Life for people like Lucy is still precarious. Transformation takes time and Ogongora needs our long-term support. But the local church is committed for the long haul – and so are we.

Will you consider making a regular gift to help bring lasting change to communities like Lucy’s?

A regular gift of €21 a month can provide materials and training for at least 4 apprentices providing the essential skills they need to work their way out of poverty. Please call us today on 01 878 3200 or follow this link

Above: Lucy Apollot (60) with her orphaned grandchildren Canna & Noah (2), Hilda (7) & David (11) outside their home. Ogongora, Uganda.

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Career opportunities… Join us in the fight against poverty

Career opportunities… Join us in the fight against poverty – 18 Jan 2016

Thinking of a career change? Tearfund Ireland are launching an Internship opportunity for 9 months in the area of Communications and Fundraising.
This role offers great insight into the development sector and some valuable experience on a new generation of communication channels.

This internship has been approved by the National Internship Scheme – Job Bridge, people who qualify for this can apply.

Click here to download the job description and information on how to apply.

Join us and be part of something beautiful!

Secondly, our International partner Integral are currently recruiting for an Information Officer, working from home 14 hours a week. Experience and qualifications in Information Management is required. Click here to download the Job Description and information on how to apply.

For further information you can also phone the office on 01 878 3200.

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Let’s demonstrate God’s love and drive away fear this Christmas

Let’s demonstrate God’s love and drive away fear this Christmas – 8 Dec 2015

As Christmas draws closer we begin to reflect on the nativity story and how Joseph and Mary fled to keep Jesus safe from Herod. We cannot help but draw the connection between the baby Jesus and countless young children today, forced to escape the brutality perpetrated by terror groups. As we’ve witnessed recently in the senseless and horrific attacks across Paris, no country is immune.

Yet we cannot let fear paralyse us – and this Christmas is an opportunity to show people, especially vulnerable children, that they are not alone. With your support we will do all we can to restore peace this Christmas.

The level of need is staggering: there are now close to 60 million war refugees worldwide, half of these are children. (1) Due to continuing conflict, 1.5 million South Sudanese have fled their homes. In The Central African Republic (CAR) bitter conflict has left half the country’s 4.6 million population in urgent need of food, water, sanitation and healthcare. But the unstable situation across the Middle East dwarfs these figures as it it estimated that in Syria alone, nearly 12 million people have been forced to flee their homes.

The death toll of the innocent is mounting. Since 2011, more than 250,000 people have been killed in Syria and it is estimated that nine children die every
day in Syria. (2) Against this backdrop your gift can bring hope. Donations from Irish Christians and churches will be put to work to provide life saving food, shelter, blankets, warm clothing, mattresses, stoves and hygiene items. We will also use your gift to support trauma sessions, to help people come to terms with the horrors they have experienced and help educate some of the 13 million children who are out of school across the Middle East and North Africa.(3)

Tearfund Ireland is working through church partners to bring this immediate help and for the future we are seeking church based initiatives that promote peace and reconciliation in the bitter conflicts that are destroying innocent lives.

Your gift this Christmas will bring precious hope.

With the approach of winter there are thousands of people, already extremely vulnerable, who need our help to survive the bitter cold. Time is of the essence – so please do send your donation quickly. You can donate at www.tearfund.ie/donate or by calling 01 878 3200. A gift of €40 could provide two families with blankets to keep them warm through the coming winter.

Prayer has the power to cross continents and transform lives – please ask God to soften the hardest hearts, replace hatred with compassion, and bring peace. I am enclosing a prayer leaflet to guide your prayers. Thank you.

1 UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
2 withsyria.com

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Tearfund Ireland Press Release: World leaders today agree to end extreme poverty by 2030

Tearfund Ireland Press Release: World leaders today agree to end extreme poverty by 2030 – 25 Sep 2015

Tearfund Ireland Press Release: World leaders today agree to end extreme poverty by 2030

Today, 25th September 2015 the United Nations agreed a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to end extreme poverty, inequality and address the challenge of climate change.

Tearfund Ireland’s Chief Executive and Chair of Dóchas, Sharan Kelly comments from the UN Summit in New York, ‘this is a monumental day when world leaders have agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals that build on the success of the past, face the challenges of the present and future, to create a world where no one is left behind, where everyone has the opportunity to flourish and thrive and challenging issues will be addressed such as extreme poverty, inequalities and climate change’.

The new Sustainable Development Goals are comprehensive and integrated, seeking an end to extreme poverty, inequality and address many inter-related issues in particular climate change, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, consumption, sustain natural resources and promoting peace.

Kelly continues, ‘I am very proud to be Irish today. Ireland has had the privilege of co-facilitating this process along with Kenya and has shown great leadership in bringing world leaders to this point. The challenge ahead will be to ensure that all efforts are made to achieve these goals. Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke to the UN General Assembly today and it is leaders like him that have to show their conviction, resolve and courage to ensure that all necessary resources are allocated to achieve these goals. This is not a role only for the field worker working tirelessly in the fight against HIV or a social worker supporting families living with alcohol or drug addiction. Everyone has a part to play to uphold the dignity of every human being, ensuring that all people can flourish and our planet can be protected for future generations.’

‘Tearfund Ireland as a faith based Christian Relief and Development Agency will continue to play its part in achieving the outcomes being sought today.’ Kelly finishes by saying.

Notes to editors:

Media contact: Niamh Daly, Communications Manager 087 2451169, email niamh.daly@tearfund.ie

Tearfund Ireland is a Christian relief and development agency working through a global network of local churches to help eradicate poverty www.tearfund.ie

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Refugee crisis and unanswered prayers…

Refugee crisis and unanswered prayers… – 8 Sep 2015

Did you ever pray about something but the situation just got worse?

When the little body of Alan Kurdi was washed up on a Turkish beach this month it felt like all our prayers for the Middle East crisis were returning to us unanswered. We have watched the Syrian crisis go from bad to worse since we first raised the alarm in March 2013 calling on Tearfund supporters to pray and give to our crisis appeal that was providing blankets, emergency lights and kitchen utensils to those who had fled.

Then we marked the grim milestones; 2 million refugees in August 2013, 3 million in late 2014….

The U.N. predicts that there could be 4.27 million Syrian refugees by the end of this year.

Little Alan Kurdi represents all those who are innocent in the Syrian crisis. But innocence is also under fire in other fragile states such as the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Our work on the ground in fragile states continues, even under fire, to reach out to those in greatest need because it is led by local church partners. The local church is there before the crisis reaches international media attention and the local church will be there when media attention has moved somewhere else.

We are asking you now to please stand with us again, to be persistent in your prayer and to not give up, even in what seems like the bleakest of circumstances. ‘We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.’ Oswald Chambers

Please help us in our ongoing work to support and empower the local church to be salt and light in some of the darkest situations in the world.

I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

Please give whatever you can and consider giving a regular gift to the ongoing work of Tearfund Ireland.

Dóchas, the association of Irish NGO’s, of which Tearfund Ireland is the current Chair, has issued a joint letter to the Irish Government calling for immediate action on the refugee crisis.
Click here to read the full letter.

Click here to download a prayer power point that can be used by churches, groups or individuals.

Myanmar Floods: Please Pray

Myanmar Floods: Please Pray – 14 Aug 2015

Heavy monsoon rains closely followed by a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal have caused severe flooding in Asia. Myanmar is worst hit, with Bangladesh and India also affected.

In some part of Myanmar, the rain continues to fall. Many of the affected areas are isolated – meaning the extent of the disaster can’t yet be known. However the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates that more than one million people have been affected and more than 687,200 acres of farmland have been damaged.

Communities have been left buried under mud and debris. Houses and crops have been destroyed and livestock have been killed. It is the worst natural disaster in Myanmar since Cyclone Nargis, which killed nearly 140,000 people in May 2008 and left 2.5 million people homeless.

Please pray for all those in Myanmar, India and Bangladesh who have lost loved ones, homes or livelihoods in this disaster.
Please also pray for our partners in Myanmar who are responding to this disaster.

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