Current Campaigns

  • Tearfund Ireland is part of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. Stop Climate Chaos is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland does its fair share to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change. Current members include development, environmental, youth and faith based organisations. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the world’s poor. It is estimated that by 2050 climate change and related disasters will put 1.3 billion people at risk (World Bank). The majority of people affected by climate change are those living in the poorest countries. These are also the people who have contributed the least to causing climate change, yet they are paying the highest price.

    We call on our government and Irish citizens to do all they can to tackle the root causes of climate change and to be good stewards of the earth’s resources.

  • Tearfund Ireland are part of the EU-CORD, a network of 23 Christian relief and development organisations. Through this network we campaign for the rights of children. Tearfund Ireland has a specific focus and heart for children; children caught in conflict, affected by disasters, children living in poverty and as a result suffering from malnutrition and hunger, unable to receive an education. Children who due to poverty and desperation are given to orphanages and institutions or sold into slavery. We campaign and lobby on behalf of these voiceless children to ensure that they are afforded the best chance and opportunities in life.

  • We support the Renew our World campaign. Renew our World is a global campaign focused on loving our neighbours, caring for creation and helping to shape a fair and sustainable world for all. Renew our world is an extremely important campaign for us here at Tearfund Ireland as we encourage our government, our supporters and each other to live more just and sustainable lives.

  • Our world has a problem with waste – and it’s hitting people living in poverty the hardest. Today, two billion people in the world’s poorest countries are living and working among piles of waste – that’s one in four of us. Drinking polluted water. Breathing toxic air. Battling sickness. This all results in up to a million deaths a year – and each day the waste mountains are growing.

    But this situation can change, if we act together. We can call on companies to take responsibility for the plastic waste mountains their products are creating in poorer communities. And we can pledge to reduce our own plastic use too.


Our generation has an opportunity like no other. We are more connected, and better informed than ever before. We can choose to perpetuate systems that divide us and harm the planet, or we can choose to work together to break down injustice, build up a more equal society, and a more sustainable planet.

Renew Our World