How Living Gifts work

1. Select a gift

2. Send email or print a card

3. Change lives

Avoid the traffic jams, crowds and car parking challenges at the shopping centres and choose gifts for family and friends from the comfort of home. Simply browse through our range living gifts, select one, write a personal message on your e-card or printable gift card, send it and make a real difference in someone’s life.

Printing and Folding your Gift Card

Instead of emailing your Living Gift, you can download and print a gift card. When you make a purchase, you’ll receive an email with links to download a PDF for each gift you’ve purchased. Download your gift card and print on an A4 page, then:

  1. Fold the top of the page to meet the bottom, keeping the text and picture on the outside.
  2. Then fold in half again, keeping the photo on the outside as the front of your card.


Where is my gift (EG Mosquito Net) Purchased?

The majority of our items are purchased in the country or region where the programme is taking place. For example, the mosquito nets that we distribute in our Uganda programme are purchased in Kenya and transported by truck to the neighbouring country. The reason for this; it reduces costs and carbon footprint as there is less transportation involved, and it also boosts the local economy by providing business to local merchants. Occasionally where an item cannot be sourced locally it will be purchased elsewhere and shipped to the country. In all cases Tearfund obtains multiple quotes to ensure we get the best value and make your donation go further.

Where does the money from all the presents go?

The money goes into one of our four programmes (unless otherwise stated) – children at risk, HIV and vulnerable women, church mobilisation and emergency. So if you chose ‘chickens and pigs’ for example, your money will go into the vulnerable women programme and a women could get chickens and pigs which will help her earn an income and escape poverty.

If I buy chickens and pigs, will a woman definitely get chickens and pigs?

In many cases yes; your money would go into the vulnerable women programme and a woman could get chickens and pigs. However, sometimes a woman might need a donkey more than they need chickens or pigs. In that case, we’d put your money towards providing one of those instead. This flexibility ensures that your gift is used to achieve the most impact in a vulnerable woman’s life. Whatever you choose, we promise your money will go into the relevant programme.

I've got another question/problem with my order!

No problem. Just click through to the Contact Us page where you’ll find our e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. Any questions? We will be more than happy to answer them.