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We are bringing hope and demonstrating love to the most vulnerable and marginalised people – through the local church.

Vision & Values

“We are bringing hope and demonstrating love to the most vulnerable and marginalised people – through the local church.”

Each year, more than 8 million people around the world die because they are simply too poor to survive. More than 800 million go hungry each day. More than 100 million primary school-age children cannot go to school. The statistics are shocking and the challenges that face us are enormous.

At Tearfund Ireland we are prioritising the most vulnerable and marginalised people, working through churches and Christian organisations to bring help and hope to people living in dire poverty – people who aren’t being helped by other agencies. That’s why we have chosen to work with forgotten children, vulnerable women, people affected by HIV, and to provide emergency relief to people who have often lost everything in times of disaster.

As part of the global church, we’re committed to empowering and equipping local churches to respond – because they know the people in greatest need. They live and breathe the problems affecting their communities, day in, day out, so they know what is needed.

At Tearfund, our inspiration, since the outset, has always been the example of Jesus, who changed people’s lives physically and spiritually. We believe that’s what God wants his people worldwide to do. Will you join us?

Our Values

We want to be the people whom God has called us to be – authentic Christians.

Our Statement of Faith

Find out more about what we believe by reading our Statement of Faith

  • Christ-centred –We live to follow Christ. Our roots go down deep in him: his Spirit energises us, his word steers us, his presence steadies us.
  • Relational – Good relationships are vital. We aim to put those we are serving first, being humble and learning from others. We live with integrity.
  • Empowering –We choose to be servants to others, working with them, recognising their calling, encouraging them in their journey and developing their gifting.
  • Passionate –We are passionate about the people whom the world ignores. We are irrevocably changed by the people we meet and we respond to their suffering.
  • Highly effective –We are catalysts of change, using our resources wisely and with accountability to make the biggest difference possible.
  • Excellent –We believe that those we serve deserve the best. We aim to be creative and imaginative in finding sustainable solutions to the issues of poverty and injustice.