Tearfund Ireland’s aim in Yemen is to respond to the Cholera outbreak by delivering medicines and safe water, hygiene and sanitation supplies. Working with local Yemeni partners who facer fewer constraints, and have better access, we are distributing much needed medicines to medical centres identified by local authorities.

Foad’s Story

Foad Ahmed, a 35-year-old primary teacher, came home one day to discover that his 4-year-old son had been vomiting and suffering with diarrhoea. Painfully aware of the cholera outbreak in the region – the increase in cases, and the death of local children – Foad’s anxiety began to grow. Due to the conflict and the uncertain economic environment, schoolteachers had gone months without receiving their pay. So when a friend of Foad’s told him about Al-Udain Hospital, and the free access to the Cholera Treatment Centre being provided by NGOs like Tearfund Ireland, Foad immediately set out for the centre with his son. With intravenous fluids and attentive care, his health began to improve, and he was discharged the following evening.


  • To respond to the Cholera outbreak which has resulted from the humanitarian disaster, by delivering medicines and safe water, hygiene and sanitation supplies. 



  • 72,000 sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts were provided. 
  • 17,488 kg of essential medicines and medical supplies were provided for the treatment of acute diarrhoea and cholera. 
  • The number of cases had been decreasing for over 18 consecutive weeks at the time of reporting. 
  • 8 health facilities received medicines and medical supplies 
  • Access to essential and life-saving medicines was increased.