When churches work in collaboration with the local community, there is increased capacity to address local needs. The Church and Community Transformation (CCT) model is therefore an effective and successful approach in holistically tackling poverty and social injustice. This approach mobilises churches to see the needs in the community and start small projects using locally available resources to address them. 

At Pentecostal Assemblies of God church in Uganda, Church and Community Transformation (CCT) is being embraced and adopted as a lifestyle and ministry. This year, 1,327 church leaders were trained to facilitate related workshops. 

Pastor Henry

Ten years ago, Pastor Henry* was leading a church with his wife Irene*. Life was hard. They put all their resources into the church but there wasn’t enough money to sustain them and their family. Now, 10 years later, they are running a successful sugar cane business and travelling across the district to preach. Pastor Henry and his wife are graduates of CCT training, and as he tells us, it has been transformative for them and their community:   

“I have been a church pastor now for 22 years. But before Church and Community Transformation came to my church it was so difficult to sustain my family and church ministry. All I knew was to preach, pray and visit believers, but I never thought any further than that. When things got desperate my wife and I would go to her parents’ house, 100km away, to collect food. In 2008 the PAG regional leaders invited us for leaders’ training on CCT. This was my turning point. I realised that a holistic transformation involved being well in my soul and in my body. I felt like I had been blind and now I could see.” 

As a result of his training, Pastor Henry bought a piece of land near the church, and started planting sugarcanes. He started with one acre of land and planted 200 sugar cane cuttings, and has since expanded, now employing 20 men to work on a weekly harvest of more than 1000 stems, earning more than UGX 300,000 (about €66). He now hopes to start a sugar processing factory in the future. 

“As a church leader I see CCT as a good tool which must be ministered to young ones as they grow. With the support of Kayanga church members, we decided to start a nursery and primary school. Now we are able to teach children to love God and to appreciate the resources God has given them, using them to glorify Him”

*Names have been changed