Two projects have been supported in Uganda: the Self Help Group programme which has been based on experience adapted from Ethiopia and the church and community mobilisation process. The two approaches complement each other extremely well. The Self Help Group training leads to groups being established which enable members to save money to set up small businesses and the livelihoods training helps the Self Help Group members to choose businesses which are most likely to be profitable. Two training workshops have taken place in Kampala to train partner staff. They now have skills to help community members identify their assets, understand the policies and practices which support or hinder them, and analyse the market dynamics for different products.

‘I found the training to be enriching, practical, provocative and timely to communities.

Surely those we work with will be able to be self-sustaining!’ says Sam Emenyu, the coordinator of PAG, Tearfund Ireland’s partner in Soroti, Uganda.


• 180 key stakeholders received training in the Self Help Group approach.

• Six basic workshops for 30 people were each conducted in the first seven months of the project, followed by another six advanced workshops.

• Training was focused on setting up homogenous groups, savings, election and development of relevant by-laws. Establishing by-laws enables stakeholders to experience democratic processes within a legal framework.