Over 30 million people in the horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Somaliland are facing the worst drought in over 40 years, where food security is an issue. In Somaliland, over 7.7 million people are currently witnessing a shocking increase in humanitarian need as the rains fail for a third consecutive season, after a locust infestation has already depleted many resources needed for survival. A predicted 1.4 million people will be displaced in the coming months, further congesting the already overcrowded displacement camps and generating conflict over resources. There is a current outbreak of diarrhoea due to lack of sufficient clean water and hygiene services and malnutrition is on the increase across the most drought- affected states.  

We are partnering with Tearfund Germany to help bring immediate assistance to those in Somaliland. There are trucks filled with clean water coming in to distribute to communities as well as cash transfers for food purchases since the lack of rain has prevented their crops from growing. There will be training in water usage and management as well as distribution of hygiene kits (Aqua tabs for water purification, water storage containers, face masks, sanitary pads, plastic buckets, hand soap, etc.)