Ethiopia- Borena Zone

Photo Credit: Tearfund Canada

In Ethiopia, the Borena zone is facing the worst drought in its recent history due to the prolonged dry spell for the last three years. There are 71,452 people in 11,909 households are in emergency food need. The households are facing extreme lack of food and massive death of livestock, which is the major source of livelihoods for rural farming communities. People are being forced to walk tens of miles searching for food and water, that includes women (many pregnant) and children

Partnering with Tearfund Canada, we are participating in His mission by supporting the Borena zone to help them receive the food that they need. The project is supporting 13,000 for six months with in-kind emergency food transfer and 4,550 women and children with supplementary food. Each person is receiving 15 kg maize, 1.5 kg bean and 0.5 litre edible vegetable oil per month for six consecutive months. Supplementary food will be distributed to 4,550, specifically children under five and pregnant/breastfeeding women. Each (of the 4,550) individual receives 4.5 kg supplementary food monthly for six consecutive months.