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By giving to Tearfund you can bring hope and transformation to people in desperate need across the world.

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Leaving a legacy of hope

A life well lived, marked out by love for God and generosity towards others, will never be forgotten – by God or by those who have been blessed.

Leave a legacy to Tearfund and you enable life to go on even after you’re no longer here. Your will can be a last act of love to those you leave behind. In it, you can provide practically for those most significant in your life and ensure they hear your last words and wishes. And it mirrors Jesus: allowing new life to come even from death.

Tearfund invites you to continue to be part of a miracle.

Berta, an emaciated young widow lies on her mat in a remote Mozambican village, knowing she’s weeks from death. HIV cannot be negotiated with, she thinks. She fears for her children. Yet today, Berta is restored. She can take care of her children again. She was discovered by a church volunteer who took her to a clinic. She’s now on ARV (anti-retroviral) medicines. Stories like Berta’s are common. We work around the world with local church partners releasing people from spiritual and material poverty. But we need your help.

Find out more about Tearfund’s work with Forgotten Children, HIV, Vulnerable Women and Emergencies and choose which area you would like your legacy to impact.

How to leave a legacy

According to a recent survey, 76 per cent of 25 to 44-year-olds haven’t made a will. If you die without a valid will, it can be an enormous stress to your family and lawyers will spend a lot of time – and your money – sorting out your affairs. It’s a recipe for heartache, disputes and discord – and probably isn’t how you’d like them to remember you. We recommend that you contact your solicitor who can advise you on the exact wording.

There are three different ways you could leave a legacy to Tearfund:

Make a pecuniary bequest
You state in your will that a specific sum of money will go to a particular charity, or charities of your choice.

Make a residuary bequest
You make provisions for your nearest and dearest first, then leave the remainder, or part of the remainder of your estate to one or more preferred charities.

Make a specific bequest
You can make a gift of a particular item that you own. In view of the complexity surrounding this sort of bequest, we’d be delighted to discuss it with you before your will is drawn up.

If you plan to leave a legacy it really helps if you let us know. This enables us to plan wisely for the future. It will of course be treated in confidence and is not legally binding. Find out more about how you can leave a legacy by contacting our office at 01-878 3200 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

A lifetimes’s generosity can continue – Hilary’s story

Hilary Field has worked with Tearfund since 2006. What she has seen has prompted her to benefit Tearfund in her own will.

Why did you decide to leave your legacy to Tearfund?

I like the work of organisations like Oxfam. However, Tearfund addresses extreme poverty from a Christian point of view. I like the fact that Tearfund works through churches and encourages local people to speak and act for themselves. For me, leaving money to Tearfund is leaving a real legacy. That money will work forever. I haven’t a lot of money to give but when I die I’ll be worth a lot more.

Why has working at Tearfund prompted you to leave a legacy?

I am so impressed with the quality and attitude of the staff. I also know that Tearfund use their finances effectively and carefully. They don’t waste money on anything non-essential.

What prompted you to draw up a will?

I woke up one night with terrible chest pains – and ended up in hospital for six months. I was fine when I went to bed, yet I woke up seriously ill. You never know when you will be called home. It prompted me to make a will and I enjoyed doing it. I have left all sorts of messages and small gifts to friends as well.

Find out more about how you can leave a legacy by contacting our office at 01-878 3200 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).