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By giving to Tearfund you can bring hope and transformation to people in desperate need across the world.

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Companies and Trusts – Invest in transformation

Grant-making trusts and companies are an important source of income for Tearfund, often providing us with additional income for projects that we cannot fund from our usual budget.

Like individual supporters, trusts and companies can give in a number of different ways, to a wide variety of causes. Some prefer to support specific Tearfund projects in areas of the world close to trustees’ hearts. Others prefer to rely on our expertise to see that the money is used where we feel it will have the greatest impact.

Giving to a specific project enables you to engage closely with a partner and its beneficiaries in the developing world: trips to meet partners and see work in action are sometimes feasible. We can also provide detailed project proposals and budgets.

If you represent or know of a grant-making trust or company that would be interested in giving to Tearfund then contact our office at 01-878 3200 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Tax relief

Companies can claim tax relief by deducting the donation (which is otherwise non-deductible) as if it were a trading or management expense for the financial period in which it was made. We advise you to seek advice from your accountant on this matter.

Pay-roll giving or Corporate fundraising

Providing payroll giving shows that your company cares about its staff. By offering this, companies can help build better employee relations and attract the right people. By donating a fixed amount from your monthly salary – in addition to donations from your colleagues using this scheme – you can make a big difference to the communities where we work. If your company or employer does not already have a payroll giving scheme in place, don’t worry – it’s quick and easy to set up. All modern payroll systems can handle payroll giving.

Also, many companies also encourage their employees to take the initiative for fund-raising. If you have the opportunity to select a charity that your company will support, why not suggest Tearfund? If you do, we’re happy to supply resources for your office and information to put in your newsletter.

Measuring impact

Giving money to charity is an investment. At Tearfund we believe that we should be able to demonstrate the results of our work and show how we are changing lives. However, in our line of work, results can be hard to measure. In measuring the impact of our work we endeavour to provide both quantitative and qualitative information, showing evidence-based results. We have developed rigorous partner selection procedures and closely monitor the progress of our partners on a regular basis, with financial and narrative reports. Field visits to our partners are conducted regularly to evaluate the projects.

The criteria we use to evaluate our projects are:

  • Impact – What changes have occurred in the lives of the people? Have the underlying causes of the problem been dealt with?
  • Effectiveness – Have the objectives of the project been achieved?
  • Efficiency – Were the resources used as wisely as possible?
  • Sustainability – Will the impact last beyond the span of this project?
  • Relevance – Did the project address the most critical needs of the people?

Read our Annual Report for more information. The work of Tearfund is overseen by an experienced Board of Directors.

Partnerships with institutional donors

Tearfund also partners with institutions such as Irish Aid (Irish Government overseas aid agency), Bishop’s Appeal (Church of Ireland), and Electric Aid (ESB). We believe in maintaining the highest standards of professionalism throughout our work. We’ve signed up to a range of internationally recognised standards- including the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership and we are participants in Dochas, an umbrella body of Irish development charities.