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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. – Romans 12:12

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Tearfund Monthly Prayer Bulletin Resources

Third anniversary of the ongoing conflict in Syria

Civil war in Syria has displaced 6.5 million people within the country and led to around 2.5 million becoming refugees in neighbouring states.
Use the following resources to join us in prayer for peace.

Join us also in an evening of music and song for Syria 14th March 2014

A prayer for the Syria peace talks

Almighty God, we pray that peace talks for Syria will take place without delay or hindrance. We ask that these talks will lead towards a stable and secure future for the Syrian people, in which they can rebuild their lives without fear. We pray for a time to come soon when the weapons of war will be exchanged for positive plans for restored and thriving communities. Please help those involved to do everything in their power to find a path to lasting peace. Amen.

More church and individual prayer resources for Syria Peace Talks.

South Sudan Crisis Prayer

We’re praying for peace to come quickly to South Sudan following the recent outbreak of violence there.

Please pray:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the many people who are fearing for their lives, and those who have left their homes or lost loved ones in the last few days because of the ethnic unrest and fighting.

South Sudan is one of the world’s poorest countries and there are many people who need our help. We have been providing clean water and safe sanitation, and helping people to grow food for their families and to sell to others.

We have had to stop our work temporarily until it’s safe to send our staff back in, and we hope to start again soon. Please pray for peace to come soon.

Prayer for the People of the Philippines

Lord, you say to us, ‘Comfort, comfort my people.’
We lift before you now the people of the Philippines.
With heavy hearts we mourn with those who mourn.
Stretch out your arms of love to embrace all who are hurting and have lost so much.
Lord, comfort, comfort your people.

Father God, we pray for those whose loved ones have been killed,
who are experiencing the agony of loss and grief
and whose lives will never be the same again.
Lord, comfort, comfort your people.

Lord Jesus, we pray for each person who is hungry and thirsty,
trapped and in need of rescue,
exposed and lacking shelter.
Lord, comfort, comfort your people.

Holy Spirit, we pray for all who are working day and night to bring relief,
and ask that timely aid will reach even the most isolated.
Please guide and sustain your workers, and bring healing in the midst of disaster.
Lord, comfort, comfort your people.


Download Typhoon Haiyan prayer power point pdf

Prayer for Egypt

Heavenly Father, who promised a highway of peace through Egypt, would you:

  • Use your transforming power to fill hearts and relationships with peace and love, in communities as well as amongst authorities and leaders throughout the nation.
  • Give continued strength to your church as your people stand defiant against violence and attack – that they might continue to retaliate with light and grace.
  • Affect the hearts of opposing powers, that they might be convicted and reminded of the sanctity of life.

Lord Jesus, who walked the land of Egypt as a young refugee, would you:

  • Bestow your wisdom on all those in positions of leadership or influence, that they might guide the people to a path of peace.
  • Inspire reconciliation and sacrificial love throughout communities and across factions.
  • Change hearts and actions of destruction to those of humanity.

Holy Spirit, comforter and advocate who has inspired communities in Egypt for centuries, would you:

  • Quell spirits of division and destruction.
  • Inspire unity and a path towards peace and growth.
  • Continue to bring Muslim and Christian communities together in a spirit of peace.

Raise voices to speak out in wisdom for justice on behalf of those who are truly downtrodden and oppressed.

Lord, shower the people of Egypt with hope and peace.

From everlasting to everlasting, you are God. May this be known in Egypt today.


Praying for Change Lent 2012

Lenten Prayer Focus 2012

Never has the church needed to gather together more urgently than today to pray – to call on God to come, to bring justice, to bring comfort and healing, and for us to actually not just offer up the prayer, but to become the prayer. Tim Hughes, musician

This Lent join with churches, individuals, groups and organisations from across Ireland and around the world – we’re lighting up the world with our prayers, illuminating the darkest places. We’re part of a Global Poverty Prayer Movement.

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ideas and resources here to help you.

Pray locally

  • If your church already has a local prayer group then just sign up to our emails or Facebook to keep informed.
  • Get involved with a Tearfund prayer group in a region near you. In Dublin a group meets once a month to pray. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for details.
  • Set up a Tearfund prayer group in your area. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we can provide you with all the resources you need.


Come with us on a prayer journey which will completely change how you pray for global issues which seemed so inaccessible before.

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