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How your fundraising will be spent

Where your donations are spent

Have some fun and hold a fundraiser. Get creative – you could have a coffee morning with friends or a sponsored walk in your neighbourhood. Get involved – or you can join one of our upcoming events. You can help us transform the lives of the most vulnerable people around the world. You can be part of a miracle.

Please contact us when you are thinking of running an event for Tearfund. We are here to help, offering you advice, support and materials to make your event as successful as possible. Sponsorship kits (posters, t-shirts and sponsorship cards) are available.

Fundraising FAQ

Where does my money go?

That’s up to you. You can give to Tearfund’s work as a whole or direct your donation to a particular area of our work or country. If you would like to direct your church’s donation to a particular fund, just let us know when you send in your gift. Learn more about our Forgotten Children, Vulnerable Women, HIV or Emergency programmes.

How best should I plan for a fundraiser?

1.Formulate your idea

The first step to any successful fundraising activity is knowing exactly what activity you are going to carry out. Original and unique ideas can work well but existing events can also be adapted to raise funds. The next thing you need to do is decide on the date, time and size of your activity.

2. Decide what you want to raise funds for and set a target

It is a good idea to decide what your want to raise funds for at the beginning of your preparations and the minimum amount you hope to raise from your event or activity. Having this goal in mind will motivate both you and your participants to succeed.

3. Get people to help

Depending on the size and nature of your activity, you may decide to involve a number of friends, family or colleagues. They can help you to organise the activity or act as a support network. You may need to assign specific roles to individuals, such as media contact, treasurer, someone to look after food, music or invites.

4. Make a plan

Whether there are many people involved in your activity or only yourself, it is nonetheless important to plan your activity or event. Decide on your goals, your timeline, people to approach, venue, ways to advertise, target audience etc. For activities involving more than one person, make sure to distribute your plan to all those involved, well in advance of the activity.

5. Make a budget

Draw up a budget for your event or activity, with all income – both cash and in-kind – and expenditure. Always allow for a contingency within your budget, as you will often overspend or underestimate in certain areas. Costs may include printing, postage, technical equipment, advertising, venue hire or catering.

6. Be safe and secure

Remember to always consider the safety or your team and participants. Taking part in high-risk activities is not advisable and it is important to ensure the safety of your venue for events. It may be necessary to take out insurance for certain activities.

7. Be sure of your legal requirements

There are a number of laws and regulations relating to how people can fundraise for charity. It is essential that you comply with these rules when collecting for Tearfund as you are representing the organisation. To comply with legal requirements, many fundraising activities need special Permits from the Gardaí. These are available from your local Garda station. If collecting money on private property, you may also need to seek permission from the proprietor.

8. Advertise and spread the word

After all your hard work and effort, it is important not to forget to spread the word about your activity. You may be able to advertise your event on prominent notice boards, on local radio stations and in local newspapers, in shops etc. The type of advertising you need to carry out will vary depending on your type of activity. Don’t forget to set up your Fundraising page and use sites like Facebook and Twitter to get your ideas out there and gain more support. Take photographs and send them to us. We will be happy to include them on our website with an article about your event.