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Do you believe the local church can make a difference? We do: because we are seeing results.

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We are connecting churches in Ireland with churches around the world we can tackle poverty and injustice. People like you and me making a difference. If Jesus says that God’s kingdom can start with a simple mustard seed, then he can surely use even our smallest efforts to pray… to give… to serve… to speak out… for the world’s poorest people.

Connected Church

Why Connected Church? Creating a direct link with churches overseas without the help of an agency like Tearfund is possible but comes with many risks. We can link you with trusted Christian partners who are accountable and run effective projects which deliver results.

Linking with a specific project is a brilliant way for your church to help support the church overseas as it brings transformation to people’s lives. Through our Connected Church programme, you can do just that. All you have to do is select a church-based project that your church would like to support (and make a minimum contribution of €600 per year). A church of any size can directly support one of our church-based projects in Africa or Asia. You’ll receive quarterly updates from that project, giving information about the impact your support has achieved and prayer points to share with your congregation.

Below are Factsheets about our current Connected Church projects. If you want to find out more about connecting your church then please contact us

Other ways that your church can partner with us

Church speaker

If your church would like to hear more about how lives are being changed and communities are being transformed then a Tearfund church speaker can visit your church. They can speak on an agreed subject for any length of time from five minutes to 50 minutes to share – with enthusiasm – about what God is doing worldwide through his global church. Contact us to book a speaker.