Syrian Crisis

The conflict in Syria has been going on since the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011. The conflict is now in its seventh year, with no end in sight. The situation has deteriorated into a humanitarian crisis on a global scale, has spilled into neighbouring countries and even European ones, and has become a threat to international stability, due to its complex social, political, economic and religious dimensions.Tearfund Ireland has been working through local partners with the aim of meeting the humanitarian needs of people affected by the conflict in Syria. Focus has been on: food assistance through cash, food parcels or vouchers; provision of essential non-food items (NFIs) such as cooking utensils, bedding, hygiene kits, blankets and heaters; formal and non-formal education as well as Child Friendly Spaces (CFSs); physical, mental, psychosocial and trauma care services; and support for housing as large numbers of refugees reside in urban areas,

Syrian children are given access to education in Lebanon. Credit Helen Manson (Integral Partner)

More specifically Tearfund Ireland has concentrated its response on children and education in emergencies, through informal ‘tent schools.’