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We are bringing hope and demonstrating love to the most vulnerable and marginalised people – through the local church.

Vision & Values

“We are bringing hope and demonstrating love to the most vulnerable and marginalised people – through the local church.”

Tearfund Ireland’s new Strategic Plan ‘United Against Poverty, Together for Transformation’ is built upon its vision for ‘flourishing communities, free from poverty and injustice’. Tearfund Ireland believes in the unique contribution of the Christian church and Christians in active involvement in ending poverty and seeking justice for people who are marginalised and vulnerable. Tearfund Ireland believes that God calls us to ‘whole of-life’ Christianity and as His church to live out our faith as ‘salt and light’ in the world we live in.

We are living in a world where more than 1 billion people are at the time of writing still considered to be living in poverty and where 20 per cent of the population hold 90 per cent of the world’s wealth. In 2011 it was estimated that 2.2 billion people were living on less than $2 per day. There are close to 60 million refugees in the world today, the highest levels since World War II. Approximately 1.2 million children are trafficked every year. These are just some of the realities of the world we live in. At Tearfund Ireland we believe that transformation is possible: we have hope for a better world, a more equal world.

Through our partners of local churches and faith-based organisations working on the ground and at grassroots levels in the countries we work in, we have witnessed many lives that have been changed. We have many testimonies of families lifting themselves out of poverty in Ethiopia, thousands of children being rescued and protected from human trafficking, children separated or orphaned being supported in families and communities, communities more resilient to natural disasters and babies being born free from HIV. The local churches are right at the heart of poverty and their reach extends even to those on the furthest margins.

Tearfund Ireland works with local churches and faith-based organisations, to increase capacities in a way that is sustainable, empowering,
participatory, accountable and good value for money.

To succeed, we need to remain ambitious, harness our convictions, commitment and energy, and work together to empower more people and communities to lift themselves out of poverty, to end injustice and inequality.

We look forward to working with you in achieving our vision.

Our Values

We want to be the people whom God has called us to be – authentic Christians.

Our Statement of Faith

Find out more about what we believe by reading our Statement of Faith

  • Christ-centred –We live to follow Christ. Our roots go down deep in him: his Spirit energises us, his word steers us, his presence steadies us.
  • Relational – Good relationships are vital. We aim to put those we are serving first, being humble and learning from others. We live with integrity.
  • Empowering –We choose to be servants to others, working with them, recognising their calling, encouraging them in their journey and developing their gifting.
  • Passionate –We are passionate about the people whom the world ignores. We are irrevocably changed by the people we meet and we respond to their suffering.
  • Highly effective –We are catalysts of change, using our resources wisely and with accountability to make the biggest difference possible.
  • Excellent –We believe that those we serve deserve the best. We aim to be creative and imaginative in finding sustainable solutions to the issues of poverty and injustice.