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Map of South Sudan

Where We Work : South Sudan

Country Profile

Population 11,296,173
People living on less than 1 euro a day 80%
GNI per Capita US$1120
HIV/AIDS Prevalence 2.2%
Infant Mortality (per 1000 live births) 67/1000
Life Expectancy 55
Literacy Rate 27%

After years of fighting and civil war South Sudan declared it self independent in July 2011. The newly formed country however was chronically under developed and became one of the poorest countries in the world with half of the population living on less than $1 a day and an adult literacy rate of less than 25%.

South Sudan has one of the weakest economies in the world, poor infrastructure and insecurity. Fighting again erupted at the end of 2013, between forces loyal to President Salva Kirr, who belongs to the Dinka ethnic group and former Deputy President Riek Machar who belongs to the Lou Nuer. So far the conflict has led to 1.5 million people fleeing their homes, of which 386,000 have left the country for neighbouring nations. image

Although a ceasefire was signed in June 2014 insecurity has disrupted livelihoods and many face hunger. Peace talks again broke down on August 10th 2014 and famine looms as 4 million people are facing severe food crisis.

Tearfund is responding in South Sudan by providing emergency latrines and sanitation facilities as well as fixing boreholes and giving hygiene and sanitation awareness training. Tearfund are also running six feeding centres – addressing the urgent needs of malnourished mothers, pregnant women and children under five.

Tearfund is also working with local churches responding to the crisis such as Don Bosco church near the capital Juba. The church is accommodating 100 homeless families on its land who have fled their homes in fear of escalating ethnic violence.