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Singing from the same Hymn Book - Marriage Counselling in Malawi

On his recent trip to Malawi, Markus Köker, Tearfund’s International Programme Manager visited Ekwendeni, where Tearfund’s partner LISAP with partnership of local churches is providing marriage counselling to couples.

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HIV is devastating entire communities, leaving families destroyed and children without parents.

There are now over 33 million people living with HIV worldwide and three million dying of AIDS every year. Years of progress in development will be wiped out unless something is done now.

We are raising awareness about how HIV is spread, especially among young people. We are helping mothers to access medicines so their babies can start life free from HIV. We are supporting churches to care for children orphaned by AIDS. We are training church volunteers to provide love and care and people with HIV live longer, healthier lives by accessing medicines. By mobilising the local church we are beginning to halt the spread of HIV and reverse the impact of AIDS.

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