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The Photos

Below are photos and stories of people Tearfund have been working with around the world.

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Medical response, King’s Hospital Haiti

Dr. Hubert Morquette, operates on a survivor of the Haiti earthquake. Tens of thousands of people have had limbs amputated and face a difficult future.

Food relief distributed, Haiti

Through our partnership with USAID we were able to deliver hundreds of tonnes of food relief to earthquake affected families.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

Survivors of Haiti earthquake

Gisella’s foot was amputated after being crushed during the Haiti earthquake. It’s a struggle for her & her daughter to survive.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

After the earthquake, a new life

Carline’s baby was born in a temporary shelter shortly after the Haiti earthquake. Not an easy place to bring up a baby.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

The rains are coming

Rainy season has just begun in Haiti. Daphne & her family are living in a temporary camp on a floodplain. We’re making sure drainage is in place. Will still be quite a while before her house is rebuilt.

Photographer: Richard Hanson

Clean water is vital

Clean water is vital to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We have installed water supplies in 6 camps so far.

Photographer: Richard Hanson