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Push your Pastor from a Plane?

Push your Pastor from a Plane? – 26 Apr 2012

Ok, so it’s like this; we were looking for a quirky fundraising idea that would highlight how scary poverty can be and encourage pastors to take the ultimate jump…. from a plane!

‘Little chance’ you may say. Well it’s like this….living on the edge of poverty can be scary and earth shattering as well as nerve-racking and unpredictable, especially in northern Myanmar where decades of ethnic conflict have left many displaced.

Tearfund partner World Concern is helping the Kachin refugees return to their homes, provide them with clean water, seeds and tools to replant their fields. We are aiming to raise €10,000 to help this project through the ‘Push The Pastor’ fundraiser. Or you can donate today by clicking here

So it’s quite simple, would you ask your pastor/minister to do a sky dive and help him/her fundraise in the process? You will need to raise a minimum of €500 because it will also cost to send your pastor flying through the air! Of course it doesn’t have to be a pastor but anyone who is up for it!

We will send you the sponsorship cards and everything necessary to get you up and running so call Cliona today on 01 878 3200 to book your place.

Go on! Help the people of Myanmar away from the edge of poverty.

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