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Myanmar: Rohingya Refugees Emergency Appeal

Myanmar: Rohingya Refugees Emergency Appeal – 18 Oct 2017

Violence in Myanmar has forced over 500,000 Rohingya people to flee for their lives to makeshift camps over the border in Bangladesh. At least 400 people have been killed and more than 6,800 houses burnt to the ground in Myanmar. As violence continues, the number of camps in Bangladesh is expected to rise.

Exhausted families are surviving in appalling conditions, many without shelter or clean water. Tearfund Ireland has launched an appeal. We have partners on the ground responding right now – providing life saving hygiene kits and safe drinking water to traumatised families. They are also giving medical assistance, as there is a high risk of deadly outbreaks of disease.

Our partners have already distributed 28,000 portions of cooked food, 66,000 litres of water and given medical help to more than 33,000 people. We’re assessing the needs of new refugees but
access is difficult. Please pray for all those affected and for an end to the violence.

Click here to download a prayer power point for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis that can be used by churches, groups or individuals.

Please follow this link to support our life-saving work.

Photo: ©Medair\Nath Fauveau

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