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Gay Mitchell asked to Unearth the Truth

Gay Mitchell asked to Unearth the Truth – 16 Mar 2012

Exports of oil & minerals from Africa is $393 billion, that’s 9 times the value of international aid ($44b). Yet most countries get little or no tax from international mining companies. On Fri 16th March Reuben Coulter met with Gay Mitchell MEP to discuss new EU legislation on transparency of international mining companies.

Secrecy and corruption often results in natural resource wealth going missing and not benefiting the citizens of resource rich countries, especially the poorest. A handful of Members of the European Parliament have a vital role to play. They sit on the committees covering these issues, and it’s up to them to ensure that EU countries finally agree effective transparency legislation. Read the briefing paper that was submitted by Tearfund here.

Thanks to Irish Christians

Gay Mitchell thanked Reuben and the supporters of Tearfund for bringing the issue to his attention. Last week representatives from Irish mining companies had met with him to persuade him that the legislation was too stringent and would hurt their business. ‘I fail to believe that massive mining companies with revenues of hundreds of millions a year are unable to report transparently at a project level’, Gay said as he reflected on their requests, ‘As Joint Coordinator (leader) of the European Parliament’s Development Committee I want to ensure transparency and fairness in trading relationships with Africa’. Gay agreed to review the briefing paper and consult with his colleagues on Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee to ensure that rigorous legislation was implemented.

Gay Mitchell also said that he was encouraged that Irish Christians are speaking out on issues of justice.

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