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News : Syrian Arab Republic

Special Day of Prayer for Syria by Robert Schofield

Special Day of Prayer for Syria by Robert Schofield – 29 Oct 2013

How do we pray for a crisis as complex as Syria? It’s the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, there don’t seem to be any obvious good guys and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. In fact, in the last few weeks we have seen an escalation in the fighting. So, how do we pray?

Here are my top three ideas…

1. Pray for the vulnerable- the innocent victims caught up in the conflict.
100,000 people have been killed, 4.25 million people have been displaced internally (that’s almost the population of Ireland!), two million people have fled to neighbouring countries. Some are living in formal camps but many are scratching a living, barely surviving in informal settlements.

2. Let’s keep praying for organisations working on the ground.
Tearfund and other charities have partners working in Syria and neighbouring countries, reaching out in love to those in need.

  • Pastors inside Syria are risking their lives to deliver monthly food parcels.
  • Church staff are seeking out refugees in Jordan and Lebanon to provide food, blankets and help with rent payments.
  • They are also providing safe spaces for children to play and counselling for those suffering the effects of trauma.

Please pray for the safety and well-being of our partners and their church networks.

3. Above all, pray for peace.
We need faith and perseverance because it is difficult to see how this could be possible at the moment. I read many reports from inside Syria that tell of conflict raging with all sides seeking to gain the upper hand.

There was an initial round of peace talks in Geneva in June 2012 but the second round, called Geneva II, have been frequently postponed. They are now due to take place 23 November but at the moment one of the opposition groups is refusing to be involved. Pray that they happen and that everyone attends.

Let’s believe in a powerful God and call on him to cause people to pursue peace.

Tearfund has designated 17 November as Syria Sunday, a moment to unite in prayer around the Geneva II peace talks, stay tuned for details coming soon.

Syria needs your prayer and support

Syria needs your prayer and support – 11 Sep 2013

Many have left everything behind and have no income, no healthcare and no certainty over what lies ahead. You can give to our Syria crisis appeal by donating to our Disaster & Emergancy Fund

Tearfund’s partners are providing food, help with shelter and hygiene goods. Eventually, we hope to help refugees return to their homes.

Please join us to pray for peace in Syria. You can also download our Prayer for Syria.

Don’t let Syria down

Don’t let Syria down – 23 Jun 2013

Some 1.8 million Syrians have fled their country as the conflict at home escalates.

Many have been forced to leave everything behind. They have no income, no healthcare and no certainty over what lies ahead.

Tearfund’s partners are working to help people find food and shelter. Our partners are providing blankets, mattresses and wood burning stoves to help people survive the harsh winter. Eventually, we hope to help them return to their homes.

Please join us to pray for peace in Syria. Please also sign our petition now. We’ll deliver this petition to President Putin and President Obama, calling on them to work with all parties to the conflict to make the peace talks a success.

Syria still needs our prayers and support

Syria still needs our prayers and support – 30 May 2013

As many of you will have seen on the news, the situation in Syria is now worse than anyone expected. It is estimated that over a third of Syrians have been affected by the civil war. One million have fled the country and three million have been displaced from their homes. Russia has started delivering the missile system to the Syrian government despite Western objections.

Please help us pray for peace in Syria: Copy of our prayer resource for Syria

If you can, please donate to our Syria Crisis Appeal

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