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News : Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Emergency Response – 27 Apr 2009

Tearfund partners are feeding thousands of hungry Sri Lankan civilians fleeing intense fighting between government forces and the Tamil Tigers. Tens of thousands of people have escaped the conflict zone in the country’s north east in recent days as the offensive against the rebels nears its climax. Conditions within the zone are said to be atrocious with food shortages causing severe hunger. People are living in tents and facing inadequate access to water and sanitation. Visit the BBC News website for latest details.

An email came in from our partner World Concern who are helping casualties being evacuated by ship from the fighting in the north of Sri Lanka.  They wrote:

“We are providing medical assistance to casualties now arriving on fishing boats ferrying patients from the ship.  We are now transferring the injured to hospital and the dead to the mortuary. I won’t forget a young mother who died named Jayanthini. She was only 20 years and had a child of 2 months. It was so sad to watch the young father trying to feed the child with a feeding bottle, a church volunteer was trying to teach him how to prepare the milk to feed the child at 1 am. Words cannot simply express the help you are doing to all of us. Thank you all for all your prayers.”

Our partners are providing emergency medical assistance, food and shelter to the conflict-affected people. But with tens of thousands still fleeing the fighting and the final military push expected imminently, the need for help remains great and all our partners could use a lot more money and prayer.

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