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How the Millennium Development Goals could halve world poverty - Interview

How the Millennium Development Goals could halve world poverty - Interview – 6 Oct 2010

2010 is a critical year for the international community’s efforts to make poverty history. In 2000 world leaders from 189 countries agreed eight goals to halve global poverty by 2015. With five years to go until the deadline for the eradication of extreme poverty, this is the year that promises need to be turned into action.

Sean Mullan, Director of Evangelical Alliance Ireland, reflects on what our response as Christians should be.

Why are the MDGs important?

For the first time, entire governments are committed to the achievement of ending global poverty and also to measuring their performance. Achieving these goals is possible. In fact the UN Secretary General said recently that “falling short of the MDGs would be an unacceptable failure, (both) moral and practical”.

What is the Irish government doing?

Ireland signed up to the MDGs in 2000 and pledged to increase its overseas aid to reach the UN target of spending 0.7% of national income on overseas aid. However, since its original pledge in 2000, the Government has twice shifted the date for achieving this international commitment. As citizens with a Christian commitment we should urge the Irish government to keep to its promise.

What is Micah Sunday?

On Sunday 10th of October, churches all across Ireland will join churches worldwide to pray that governments keep their commitments to tackle poverty and to create a more just world. It’s called Micah Sunday because the Bible verse which inspired this campaign is Micah 6:8. Here the prophet states that the Lord has shown what He require of us – to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. This month I am meeting with Irish church leaders across all denominations to reaffirm our commitment to speak out on behalf of the poor.

How can I get involved?

Find out the Millennium Development Goals and how you can speak out by visiting www.tearfund.ie/advocacy

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