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News : Ethiopia

Selling fish soup beside Lake Hawassa

Selling fish soup beside Lake Hawassa – 10 Apr 2014

“My name is Tadelech Seifu. I am married with seven family members. Before I joined the self-help group I was very shy and I didn’t have the confidence to speak out in front of people.

My family used to be dependent on my husband’s low wage. My children got sick most of the time due to malnutrition. Malaria, dysentery and other illnesses were very common in our house. We could barely feed ourselves let alone access proper medication. My children also went to school in shifts because we couldn’t afford to send all of them at the same time.

After joining my group, the first thing that changed in my life was my communication skills. My group members and the facilitators helped me to develop confidence and showed me respect. Now I am able to communicate my ideas.

They also gave me a loan and I started a business. Currently, I make and sell fish soup besides Lake Hawassa. I have learnt how to treat my customers well and I always get impressive feedback from them. Thanks be to God! My business is doing well and I’m feeding my children three meals a day. All of them are going to school and they don’t get sick as frequently as they did before. This transformation is because of the Self-Help Approach.”

Photo:Tadelech Seifu, Self Help Groups, Ethiopia, Tearfund

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Asnakech Gojais story

Asnakech Gojais story – 3 Apr 2014

Asnakech Gojais is married with three sons and two daughters. She says,

‘Before I joined my group last year I thought that the only contribution I could make was to do the household chores and raise my children on my husband’s income. I was shy about talking to my neighbours because I am afraid of making mistakes.

But after I joined my group, the members encouraged me to speak and over time, I started to develop confidence. All of the members respect my ideas and take them seriously. They also gave me a loan of €39.91 to start a business. I started selling chickpeas, peas, beans, barley and wheat in the market.

My life is being transformed for good. I am no longer the shy and poor lady and I can now cover all of the school expenses for my children. I am someone important in my family and even in my community. This is because of the Self Help approach which doesn’t discriminate by religion, educational status, ethnic group or by the way we look.’

Photo: Asnakech Gojais selling her chickpeas, peas, beans, barley and wheat in the market, Self Help Groups, Ethiopia

Join our Coffee Campaign because as little as 2 euro supports 6 people in a Self Help Group for a week!

Text COFFEE to 50300 to donate 2 euro (all proceeds go to Tearfund but VAT applies on some networks. Tearfund Ireland will receive between 81% and 100% of your donation)

Wubnesh Mekuria - Self Help Group member’s testimony

Wubnesh Mekuria - Self Help Group member’s testimony – 28 Mar 2014

Wubnesh Mekuria is married with eight children. Before joining a self-help group, she did not earn any income.

She says, ‘My husband was responsible for providing for our household expenses. He works very hard but gets a low wage so feeding our children three times a day was very difficult.
After I joined my group, I had the privilege of being given the first loan with which I rented a place to work. I collect the discarded husks of coffee beans from farmers, sort through them and collect any coffee beans that they have missed. I get a lot of coffee beans out of it and I sell them on market days. This enables me to help my husband to support our family.’

Thank God for the opportunity that Wubnesh has been given through the input and loan from her self-help group. Thank God that she is able to glean a harvest that would otherwise go to waste and for the income that this provides for the family.

Pray for Wubnesh, her husband and their children – for their relationship as a family, and for their work and education. Thank God for the self-help group and pray that each member would continue to realise their potential and find hope for their future.

Join our Coffee Campaign because as little as 2 euro supports 6 people in a Self Help Group for a week!

Text COFFEE to 50300 to donate 2 euro (all proceeds go to Tearfund)

Aster, Marta and Adanech tell their stories of success

Aster, Marta and Adanech tell their stories of success – 20 Feb 2014

On a recent visit to Ethiopia, a group of church leaders from Scotland visited a Self Help Group in Hawassa. They sat with them and listened to members talk about their lives and what their group means to them.

Aster (pictured right) said that the Self Help Group is very important for us. We started in 2005, saving 50cents (€0.02) a week each. We have all taken loans and we run different businesses. This is my house and I bake bread. Now we are not empty-handed.

Before the group started we were dependent on our husbands – whatever we did was based on his will. But that is changed now. We are using the money we have on our homes and our children etc.

Our first loans were of 50birr (€2.02). Now we give 1,300birr (€52.31) loans. We can send our children to private and public schools and food and clothing are no problem now. Some children have even graduated from college.

I give thanks to God for this vision to the community to make a big difference. You are very welcome! Nobody here is idle!

Marta secretary of one of SHG Ethiopia
Marta (pictured right) is the group secretary. She said, ‘the Self Help Group has brought us much more than just economic benefits. We have developed a strong love and relationships between us.

At first we saved 50cents – what difference was that going to make? And it was difficult for some. But now we are rich and wealthy! Now we save between 3birr and 5birr each a week (€0.12-€0.19). We are working to increase everybody’s access to income.

Our total savings are 9,160birr (€371.04). Small amounts can make a difference! The SHG has brought lots of change. We plan to expand our businesses, increase our savings and strengthen our relationships.

Adanech SHG Ethiopia
Adanech (pictured left) is a widow with 10 in her household. She heard about the SHG when she was in difficult circumstances – her husband had just died. She joined the group but found it too difficult to save so stopped coming.

The group visited her to find out what was wrong and told her she must come. They covered her savings for her. Another time she was sick and they covered her savings again then. She took a 50birr (€2.02) loan and started selling maize in the market.

Adanech says, ‘This group is family for me. Praise to God and thanks for my friends’ support. I can feed my family and I’m expanding my business!’

We are giving thanks to God for all the SHG set up and successful so far and we are encouraging you to join our Coffee Campaign because as little as 2 euro does make a big change!

From begging to saving  - Birtukan’s story

From begging to saving - Birtukan’s story – 13 Feb 2014

Birtukan (pictured right) lives in Southern Ethiopia. She’s from a very poor family, and was working as a beggar to feed her children. So when she heard that Tearfund’s local partner Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) was helping people financially, she wanted to be part of it. ‘I heard the church was giving out money,’ she says, ‘so I ran to be one of the first in the queue!’

However, the church wasn’t handing out money – they were forming Self-Help Groups. ‘They [the staff] said they would teach us to save, and manage what we have.’

Birtukan joined a group and started by saving some of her begging money each week. After a while her group saw her commitment, and offered her a loan from their savings money. She bought onions and charcoal to sell in the market. Slowly, her business grew.

Birtukan now runs a successful market stall, and has taken and paid back several loans from her group. Her husband used to work far away, but is now able to live with his family and help with the business.

Not only is this family now united and financially stable, their dignity has been restored. ‘People have stopped insulting me,’ says Birtukan. ‘They now respect me, and will touch me, like a proper person.’

  • Praise God for Tearfund partner EKHC, empowering people like Birtukan to escape poverty and lead dignified lives.
  • Pray for the EKHC team as they lead this project, that they will feel God’s love and blessing powerfully as they work to bring God’s love and blessing to others.
  • Join our coffee campaign . Texting COFFEE to 50300 to donate 2 euro supports 6 women like Birtukan in one of the Self Help groups for a week.
    (All proceeds go to Tearfund but VAT applies on some networks. Tearfund Ireland will receive between 81% and 100% of your donation)
Self Help Groups - The Adama Success Story

Self Help Groups - The Adama Success Story – 6 Feb 2014

The first five SHGs were established in June 2002 by the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC). Each of those SHGs had 20 voluntary members recruited from the poorest of the poor in the local community. Now there are 310 SHGs in Adama Town alone and 167 groups in the surrounding towns where people have seen what we have done and we have shared our experience.

EKHC gave us training in how to run meetings, budgeting, savings and credit. We learned to minimise unnecessary expenses and maximise our savings. In those days each of us saved 10 cents (0.01 euro) a day to enable us to contribute 50 cents (0.02 euro) each week to the group savings. Now, ten years later, the group members save between 5 birr (0.25 euro) and 200 birr (€9.27) a week each.

After a while we started borrowing from our savings for different purposes. This rescued us from paying high interest rates to illegal money-lenders. In the beginning the most a member could borrow was 34 birr (€1.57). Now the biggest loan that a group has made is 32,000birr (€1,483.95) and group capital ranges from 10,000birr (€464.49), in the newest groups, to 300,000birr (€13,920.76). By saving and borrowing from our own savings we are not only able to improve our economic status but also to support others by creating employment opportunities. The SHGs have also increased our social interaction, our concern for each other, our management and decision-making skills, our understanding of women and children’s rights, and our understanding of our rights to vote and stand for election.

After 6 months of formation around 12 SHGs form Cluster Level Associations (CLAs) by nominating 2 representatives from each SHG. There are now 22 CLAs in Adama Town. One of the functions of CLAs is to create networks and relationships with different government offices and NGOs to lobby them concerning local community needs. In this way we have influenced the provision of potable water, electric power, roads and schools. Four of the CLAs have opened Kindergartens for children from poor families between the ages of 3 ½ and 6 years , charging very reasonable fees. We have also given scholarships to 81 orphaned children from the community. 65 group members have learned to read and write because they have been taught by literate colleagues. We produce and sell bags made from recycled plastics. This, apart from the economic benefit, is useful in terms of protecting the environment. We have also taken part in projects to produce fuel efficient stoves, to plant trees and to clean our neighbourhoods.

The legal registration of this Coalition is the latest development of the SHG programme. We are planning to eventually take over the role of the NGO. Our vision is to see a poverty-free Ethiopia with gender equality and justice. Our mission is to provide support for SHGs and CLAs for the fulfillment of their own visions as well as to contribute to the social and economic development of the wider community in Adama Town. “Hope for Tomorrow” Coalition of SHGs was founded by 13 CLAs. There are a further 9 CLAs that have now met the preconditions for joining the Coalition. The total capital of all SHGs in Adama Town is 5,843,821birr (€271,446.90). The overall capital of all SHG members, including their working capital, is 42,024,314birr (€1,949,567.62). Our next plan is to open a Community Resource Centre and a community bank that can serve all the local community.

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Photo above: Senait Taye, General Secretary of the “Hope for Tomorrow” Coalition of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Adama and a founder member of the Adama SHGs

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