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Love, Loss and new Life in Lebanon

Love, Loss and new Life in Lebanon – 21 Nov 2017

Cedra is one of the 2 million refugees who make up almost a third of Lebanon’s population today. She’s also one of thousands of people being helped by our partner, MERATH. Cedra’s situation threatens to
reduce her to a statistic, but her painful story is a strong shout of protest against anonymity…

“Before the war, my life in Syria was very stable. I was married with three children, two girls and a boy. I felt like I owned the whole world. We had a large piece of land and big trucks. We worked hard for our house and fixed everything in it. Then the war came. I felt very scared for my children. We used to have to run from house to house.

One day, at 6am, we heard that ISIS where coming to our neighbourhood. I took my three children and my cousin’s daughter and left the house. Snipers started shooting at me as we ran. I was holding my son across my chest and my daughters by the hand. I was eight months’ pregnant at the time.

The bullet went through my son’s shoulder to his heart. There is nothing I could ever say to explain that moment. My cousin’s daughter was also killed. My father came to get us and rushed us to the hospital. But, by the time we got there, my son was dead. My father went back to our home and we’ve never heard from him again. He is probably dead too. In 30 minutes I lost my son, my father and my cousin’s daughter.

I heard later that ISIS took our land. They stole or burnt everything; they’ve also taken our trucks and tractors. They put a notice on our property saying, ‘This land belongs to ISIS.’ They bombed our house too. There’s only rubble left. Even the pickles I had made for the winter…all of it is gone.

When I came to Lebanon three-and-a-half years ago, I felt very lost. We came in winter when it was snowing. My husband helped us find a tent to share with other families and he’s now working in Syria so we can afford the rent. Now, I have five daughters. When I first met the local pastor, I was very depressed. I just wanted to feel good inside and thought that was more important than anything else – even our finances. I started attending the church and felt loved. My personality began to change and the depression went away. If I could come every day, I would. One day, I believe I will see my son in
heaven: that’s what keeps me going. The church gave me this hope.

It’s really difficult here. I wish I had my own tent. We are living with relatives and friends, and I find it hard to raise the kids with all those other people. My kids often ask me
if they can go to a park or somewhere to play. In Syria, I could let them play on our land: here, we live near a road.

I’ve suffered a lot but the church has made things easier. They’ve provided for our basic needs and given me fuel for the winter and food when we need it. They’ve also helped get my girls back in school. That’s when things really changed for the better. They are learning again, more aware of everything around them, and they’re better emotionally too.

My dream is to go back to Syria, to live a stable life with my husband and our daughters in one home. And I want my girls to learn how to love and respect others.”

Please follow this link to support our life-saving work.

Story told to Niamh Daly through Integral Alliance.
Photo: Our local partner MERATH (Middle East Revive and Thrive) in Lebanon is giving children in Lebanon access to non-formal education and safe spaces to play. Credit: Helen Manson

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Strictly Tearfund Ireland 2017

Strictly Tearfund Ireland 2017 – 19 Oct 2017

Strictly Tearfund Ireland 2017 is taking place on Sunday October 29th in the Crown Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Santry! And we would love you to come along and support all of our wonderful dancers!

Tickets are €20 each! It will be a wonderful evening for family and friends to enjoy and most of all – the money raised goes to continuing the work of Tearfund Ireland. We are passionate about seeing people lifted out of poverty but we cannot do what we do without the support of people here in Ireland.

To buy your ticket or to support one of our talented dancers- call the office on 01 878 3200 or email niamh.daly@tearfund.ie

Come join us for Strictly Come Dancing Tearfund Ireland style!

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Myanmar: Rohingya Refugees Emergency Appeal

Myanmar: Rohingya Refugees Emergency Appeal – 18 Oct 2017

Violence in Myanmar has forced over 500,000 Rohingya people to flee for their lives to makeshift camps over the border in Bangladesh. At least 400 people have been killed and more than 6,800 houses burnt to the ground in Myanmar. As violence continues, the number of camps in Bangladesh is expected to rise.

Exhausted families are surviving in appalling conditions, many without shelter or clean water. Tearfund Ireland has launched an appeal. We have partners on the ground responding right now – providing life saving hygiene kits and safe drinking water to traumatised families. They are also giving medical assistance, as there is a high risk of deadly outbreaks of disease.

Our partners have already distributed 28,000 portions of cooked food, 66,000 litres of water and given medical help to more than 33,000 people. We’re assessing the needs of new refugees but
access is difficult. Please pray for all those affected and for an end to the violence.

Click here to download a prayer power point for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis that can be used by churches, groups or individuals.

Please follow this link to support our life-saving work.

Photo: ©Medair\Nath Fauveau

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A Prayer for Ireland - Hurricane Ophelia

A Prayer for Ireland - Hurricane Ophelia – 16 Oct 2017

Thank you to all our supporters for your ongoing prayer and support for the work of Tearfund Ireland and our partners. Today our thoughts turn to our own country. Join us in praying for our nation as we face the impact of Hurricane Ophelia:

Dear Lord,

We lift up the island of Ireland and all those affected by Hurricane Ophelia.

We pray for the elderly, those living alone, the homeless and all who are vulnerable today. We pray for the winds to calm, minimal damage and for the comfort of your presence.

We pray for the emergency services on the ground as they bring help and aid to those in the worst-hit areas. We ask you Lord for wisdom and strength so that churches and communities might be able to respond to this unprecedented weather event in the most effective and compassionate way possible.

We also pray for wisdom and discernment for the government and local leaders as they decide how to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia, and start to identify the immediate and longer term needs.

Thank you Lord that it says in your Word in Hebrews 6:19, ‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’

Thank you God that you are good, and we praise and bless your Holy name.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Yemen Update, Cholera is spreading with alarming speed

Yemen Update, Cholera is spreading with alarming speed – 22 Aug 2017

The numbers of those infected by Yemen’s cholera outbreak have been revised upwards from 300,000 to 500,000 with 5,000 new cases being reported daily*. Children make up 41% of those infected. The death toll since April is estimated at 2,000.

Elsewhere, conflict continues across the Middle East and with the ‘official’ end of the Mosul offensive in Northern Iraq, the number of refugee families needing support is phenomenal. At the same time, East Africa is struggling under one of the worst food crises the world has seen.

With the huge number of people in desperate need in so many places, ongoing support is crucial. If you are not already giving on a monthly basis would you prayerfully consider this option and call us in the office on 01 878 3200 to arrange this.

If you would like to give a gift now to help end the suffering you can do this through our website by clicking here . A gift of €38 could pay for essential hygiene kits for two families, which would be invaluable to them in their day to day lives.

Thank you again for making our work possible, Your support and your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Photo: Yemen, Panos Pictures.

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Yemen, cholera outbreak: Tearfund Ireland to support the provision of life-saving medicines

Yemen, cholera outbreak: Tearfund Ireland to support the provision of life-saving medicines – 2 Aug 2017

Cholera has reignited in Yemen, spreading with unprecedented speed across 18 out of 23 governorates, killing at least 1,700 people, according to the United Nations. The spread of the disease is astonishing. On June 24th, the World Health Organisation stated that Yemen was facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world, with at least 200,000 suspected cases. At time of writing over 100,000 more cases have been reported. As a result Yemen has declared a state of emergency, requesting support from NGOs.

This is a second wave of outbreaks, the first of which emerged in September 2016 and had previously shown signs of slowing. The current rate of spread is alarming with 65% of the total deaths reported in May 2017 alone. Scientists are exploring whether the current strain of cholera is a newer and more virulent one.

The health services are struggling to meet this increasing need. The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP) in Yemen has requested support from NGO’s for the provision of essential and life-saving medicines to respond to this increasing health need.

Tearfund Ireland supported by The Church of Ireland’s Bishop’s Appeal will provide through partners, essential and life-saving medicines and medical supplies for the treatment of acute watery diarrhoea. This will enable local health centres in areas most affected by the cholera outbreak to treat children and adults. The items are urgently requested by the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP) in Yemen.

The medicines to be distributed have been cross-referenced with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standard guidelines for Cholera treatment to ensure the correct medicines are distributed.
Tearfund Ireland’s partner is working closely with Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP), who will assist in obtaining relevant permits for the import and custom clearance process in Yemen and who, will identify which health facilities would be the most strategic places to send the supplies and medicines to. The supplies will then be distributed to these health centers. Monitoring visits will be conducted to the health facilities to ensure that the supplies are used appropriately and medicines are provided free of charge.

This project will target women, girls, boys and men in need for treatment for acute watery diarrhoea. The total number of beneficiaries will be approximately 2,700. This figure can be higher and number of beneficiaries will be estimated once the quantities of medical supplies have been identified following feedback from partners.

With the huge number of people in desperate need in so many places, ongoing support is crucial. Please follow this link to support our life-saving work.

We also ask you for your continured prayer support as we try to meet the needs of so many suffereing around the world. Please join with us in asking God to bring healing, restoration, and for all who are suffering to receive the support they need.

‘In my distress I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.’ Psalm 18:6

Photo: Medical supplies on route to Yemen. Partners cannot be mentioned for security reasons.

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