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Discovery is a practical process that helps your church become a transforming influence within your community.

It is a step-by-step training and development tool designed to envision, equip and prepare churches for community engagement. It builds on the successful approach Tearfund uses in poorer communities in the developing world.

Discovery helps your church to:

  • Learn and explore how your church can make a difference in your community.
  • Reflect on what the Bible says about meeting the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable people.
  • Build confidence as a team, discover new skills and share experiences.

Engaging with Discovery

The process is supported by experienced church in the community Facilitators who have led and equipped churches to engage effectively with their local community. An experienced facilitator spends time with churches to discuss and assess how best to manage the process, including costs, training and ongoing support.

The Discovery Process

Discovery brings together biblical insights, training tools and Tearfund’s experience in helping churches respond to needs in their community. Discovery tool kits guide a core group through a creative and accessible training and development process.

Within the process churches learn to identify:

  • their gifts
  • their talents and
  • the needs in the community

Discovery helps churches to develop the capacity to address problems unique to a church’s community and culture. It teaches how to research, develop, grow and monitor a project and is designed to be fun and hands-on.

Practical Action

Once your church group has completed Discovery, they will be confident and skilled to put what they have learned into action. The pack is bursting with ideas on how to be relevant in your community.

For more information contact emma.lynch@tearfund.ie or contact the office.

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