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Resources : Volunteering

Zimbabwe Appeal Summer fundraiser

Zimbabwe Appeal Summer fundraiser

Zimbabwe’s need for help, hope and transformation is ongoing and urgent. By getting involved in this summer’s Make a meal of it, you will be enabling local churches in Zimbabwe to help the poorest of the poor rise above poverty and stand on their own two feet.

Have fun and raise money for Zimbawe this summer with our Make a meal of it fundraiser. We’ve planned it all out and put together a step by step resource, easy for you to use for a group small or large. Get together this summer to bring hope to the people of Zimbabwe.

Download Zim Prayer Powerpoint 2011 here.

We have the following resources for you to download to help you pull together a Make a meal of it event:

  • An activity pack with recipe ideas, an organiser’s guide, children’s activities and what to do with donations.
  • A Zimbabwe-themed quiz (and answers).
  • An editable flyer/invite so you can add your event details to the flyer and then give to friends, family, church – and maybe even put through letterboxes in your local community.
  • A returns label with a feedback form to send in with all donations received.

There are lots of other exciting fundraising ideas such as running a marathon or holding a party here

Sponsorship Ideas

Every year we have planned events which you can join.

But also come up with your own ideas and events, and download a sponsorship form to use.

Here are a few ideas for fund-raising through sponsorship:

  • Sponsored runs or other sporting events: Ever thought of running a marathon, or maybe just a fun run? Do you have kids in the church that could do a sponsored event?
  • Sponsored couch potato: Do absolutely nothing to end poverty! While everyone else is challenging you to get off your backside to end poverty, we’re challenging you to sit on it. Get sponsored to do diddly-squat all day.
  • Sponsored hair removal: Could someone in your church be sponsored to shave off their beard, or shave their head, or maybe even wax their chest? (Ouch!)
  • Sponsored abseil: Do you have a brave church member or even a church leader who is willing to venture down your church spire (or other building)?

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