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The Choice - 2013 Autumn Church Resources

Sina lives in Tonle Batie village, Cambodia. Her smile cannot hide the poverty surrounding her. Her family doesn’t have enough food. Sina is painfully thin and her home is ramshackle. Nevertheless, Sina clings to the hope that the future can be better.
Her village church has a plan. It wants to give people the chance to learn new skills such as agriculture and business management with which they can earn more income.
It would be each family’s choice, of course. Some might say ‘no’, and the church would need to be prepared for that. But some would say ‘yes’, and that would make it a joyful day.

All over the world, churches can help their communities to find pathways out of poverty – if there’s enough long-term backing. Tearfund desperately wants to provide this backing – and that’s where this Autumn resource comes in…

*Use the film to tell Sina’s story.
*Hold a collection. Every cent raised will help us give people like Sina the chance to change their lives.
*Pray for Sina and the new church project in Tonle Batie.

Your prayers and giving will give Sina and many others like her the chance to build a better life for their families.

Resources to be downloaded:
Background Info
Kids Activities
Prayer Ideas.pdf
Prayer Resource
Sermon notes
Sina A3 poster.pdf
Sina giving flyer.pdf

Autumn church pack 2011 - Grace (film, creative ideas & giving leaflets)

This autumn, you have an opportunity to changes the lives of families like Grace’s in Uganda. Could you do just ONE thing?

Church service – Organise a five-minute, 15-minute or 50-minute slot in your church to raise awareness about your brothers and sisters in Cambodia. You could show a short film and use our speaker notes and creative ideas to help you.


Fundraising; a dinner or carol service or a play. More ideas here


Children’s ideas & activities


You can also order an hardcopy of Autumn church pack (film, creative ideas and giving leaflets), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) which we will post to you at no cost.

Zimbabwe Appeal Summer fundraiser

Zimbabwe Appeal Summer fundraiser

Zimbabwe’s need for help, hope and transformation is ongoing and urgent. By getting involved in this summer’s Make a meal of it, you will be enabling local churches in Zimbabwe to help the poorest of the poor rise above poverty and stand on their own two feet.

Have fun and raise money for Zimbawe this summer with our Make a meal of it fundraiser. We’ve planned it all out and put together a step by step resource, easy for you to use for a group small or large. Get together this summer to bring hope to the people of Zimbabwe.

Download Zim Prayer Powerpoint 2011 here.

We have the following resources for you to download to help you pull together a Make a meal of it event:

  • An activity pack with recipe ideas, an organiser’s guide, children’s activities and what to do with donations.
  • A Zimbabwe-themed quiz (and answers).
  • An editable flyer/invite so you can add your event details to the flyer and then give to friends, family, church – and maybe even put through letterboxes in your local community.
  • A returns label with a feedback form to send in with all donations received.

There are lots of other exciting fundraising ideas such as running a marathon or holding a party here

Forgotten Children Pack (Giving leaflets & DVD)

Forgotten Children Pack (Giving leaflets & DVD)

Peah was abandoned on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia when he was only 6 years old. Fortunately Chendai found him. Find our more about our work with Forgotten Children and how you can help change lives.

View the film on Vimeo, Youtube or download a copy directly (27 Mb, zipped MP4 file).

Contact us .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to order accompanying fundraising leaflets, at no cost.

Just People

Just People

The Just People? course
This six-week interactive course brings together down-to-earth theology, reflection, inspiration and experience with practical exercises. It will help your church grapple with issues of justice and poverty and think practically about how they can respond effectively as an integral part of their mission. A highlight of the course is a ‘day of action’ organised by the course participants inspired by what they have been exploring.

Just People? was written by Tearfund and Livability who are working together in a new partnership called Community Mission. We believe that the mission God calls us to is holistic, or integral, encompassing prayer, proclamation, practical service and political action. The course is also supported by Micah Challenge UK, a coalition of Christian organisations and churches in Britain, united in their concern to fight poverty.

Course overview
The aims and focus of the course can be summed up in one passage: when Micah asks God what is required of him, the answer is:

‘He has shown all you people what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.’ (Micah 8)

What does God ask of us and our church? What does it mean to live out what we discover, both in our local community and globally?

These are the questions that Just People? is designed to help you begin to address.

Just People? consists of a DVD which has inspirational stories from churches around the UK and six talks based on different aspects of the course. Accompanying the DVD is a 100 page booklet with leaders notes and participants worksheets, which can all be photocopied.

The six sessions are:

ROOTS – the theology behind Christian concern for justice
MISSION – more about integral, joined up mission
COMPASSION – A church that merciful and compassionate
POLITICS – A church that works for justice
ACTION- a day of collective action by participants
CHURCH- What does all this mean for how we operate as a church?
COST- The personal challenge to be just people

Each session contains:
1. Feedback from previous session
2. Inspirational story from a local church
3. Bible based Talk
4. Discussion
5. Take away action

The course can be used in a small or larger group setting.

Just People? explores the idea that Christian mission cannot be reduced to either verbal proclamation of the good news or social activism on their own. Authentic Christian discipleship and mission combine personal and social transformation; words and actions.
To order your copy at a cost of €35, contact the office at 01 878 3200 or by emailing to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


Discovery is toolkit designed to help churches engage with their local communities. It takes your church through 6 steps from assessing the needs in your community, to planning and then implementation. It’s a fantastic resource. We provide training for churches who are interested in using Discovery. Contact us to find out more

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