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Seeking with and on behalf of the poor to address the underlying causes of poverty


No Child Taken Campaign

Tearfund Ireland believe that the selling and trading of human life for the purpose of sex, labour or any other purpose is an attack on human dignity. We incorporate anti-trafficking work into our programmes overseas through awareness raising and poverty reduction programmes. We want to be active in the fight against human trafficking. Follow this link for more information on Tearfund Ireland’s Anti-Trafficking work.

We therefore support the Turn off the Red Light campaign. The Turn Off the Red Light campaign seeks to end sexual slavery and human trafficking by lobbying the Irish Government to pass and implement the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Bill. This legislation will criminalise the purchase of sex in Ireland and decriminalise the people trapped in prostitution. Furthermore, the legislation will send a strong message to human traffickers that Ireland is no longer an easy destination country and will not tolerate the buying and selling of human beings.

As faith based organisations we believe that sex trafficking degrades and destroys human lives that are made in the image of God and that our Biblical mandate as Christians compels us to care for the vulnerable, weak and exploited, to be a voice for the voiceless, a voice for all those trapped in a life of slavery.

Sex trafficking would not exist if there was no demand. To this end, Tearfund Ireland are calling on our members and supporters to help end demand and by doing so join the fight against modern day slavery.

Advocacy Partnerships

Tearfund is working in partnership with;

Turn off the Red Light – An alliance of over 70 Irish organisations working to end sexual slavery and human trafficking
EUCORD – a network of European Christian Relief and Development INGO’s
Micah Global – a global community of Christians (aid / NGO organisations, mission organisations, academic / training institutes, local congregations, networks, alliances, denominational secretariats and individuals) drawn together because of their passion and commitment for integral mission.

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